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Chinese claborate-style painting . Study decoration, lobby decoration

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In traditional Chinese culture, the magnolia or yulan magnolia is a symbol of purity and elegance, and birds like magpie can bring good luck and happiness.

In Painting 1 and Painting 2, serene flowers bloom on relatively thin but sturdy branches, accompanied by two paradise flycatchers (shoudainiao 绶带鸟), which make the quaint scene more vibrant and layered.

In Painting 3 and Painting 4, in addition to magnolia and the auspicious birds, a branch of crab apple (haitang 海棠) extends into the composition from the higher left/right, and such an arrangement implies "wealth and rank in the Jade Hall".

Peony is called "the King of Flowers", "the flower of the Emperor", and symbolizes abundance, love and glory. In Chinese paintings, peonies are often depicted together with a bird. Usually it is a magpie, a peacock, a rooster or a golden pheasant, thus can add auspicious meanings. In Painting 5 and Painting 7, peonies and paradise flycatchers (shoudainiao 绶带鸟) together signifies wealth and longevity.

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