Pang Jianghua Calligraphers

Pang Jianghua
Pang Jianghua is a member of China Hard Pen Calligraphy Association, a member of Henan Writers Association, and a member of Henan Calligraphers Association. Since childhood, he has loved calligraphy and literature. He often studied the ink of two kings, and also studied Zhang Xu, Huai Su, Sun Guoting and Mi Fu's inscriptions. Its calligraphy style is ancient and not rigid, majestic, graceful and agile, unrestrained and elegant, forming a unique style.
His works have won many awards in national and provincial competitions, and have been collected by Xi'an, Shanghai, Beijing and other places successively. Poetry, prose, lyrics, literary criticism, etc., were published in "China Art News", "Xingxing", "Liberation Army Daily", "Times Report", "Qinghai Daily", "Qinghai Lake", "Henan Daily", "Henan Youth" He has published more than 300 works (songs) such as "Newspaper" and "Literary and Art Circle". Edited and published more than 10 literature collections and historical collections with more than 3 million words.