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Jinyuanhui Calligraphy Painting Center

Chinese Ink Landscape Painting Living Room Dining Room Bedroom Decoration

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This work is painted by Pan Pengpeng, an innovative calligrapher and painter from Zhoukou, Henan Province. In the distance, mountains are in hues of archaic blue-and-green, reveal light ink saturated with water. At the bottom, two people are in a boat to reach the house, which seems to be hidden by trees and mists. The various brushstrokes create a contrast between near and far, as well as solid and void.

Scenic spots and figures are an integral part of Chinese landscape painting. Generally, mountains are painted first, then streams, houses and pavilions, and finally figures in the size of rice grains are embellished.The reason why painters make the figures in landscape paintings so small is related to their attitude towards nature. In their eyes, the figures hide in the corners of nature, and coexist harmoniously with nature, so as not to destroy its independence and integrity. 

Such an artistic ink landscape painting can be hung in the living room, bedroom or dining room.

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