About Us

How I started my traditional cultural path?

I remember that it was several years ago, when I was studying in Russia, I couldn't avoid to get a part-time jobs of the international students- one of the part-time jobs was to lead the domestic inspection groups to investigate and travel. Then one of the experiences, I want to have the most direct and fundamental connection with what I am doing now. I remember that it was during May 1, 2005, when a cultural inspection group came from China. At that time, there was an old senior in the team, a calligrapher. When the old man was playing, he was wearing a Tang suit. In the photo, the old man's unique introverted, reserved, and wise demeanor appeared so harmonious and beautiful in the whole Red Square tourist crowd. The local Russians also asked me if I was doing Sion-Russian cultural exchange. I also did the same. I translated these words to the old man. The old man was very happy, and began to talk about our traditional culture, calligraphy, Chinese painting, drama, etc., which were very familiar to the old man. I also gave these translations to the Russian tourists who gathered around me.

Unexpectedly, several Russian friends also have a lot of insights into our traditional culture, and can speak some simple Chinese, plus English, some gesture, and chat happily with the artists of our delegation. When we ate dinner in the evening, our senior calligrapher said earnestly and earnestly, you are in Russia, you can speak Russian, you must tell them about our traditional culture, tell our stories well, and tell them our extensive and profound traditional culture. This sentence is deeply imprinted in my heart, in my mind. Since then, I decided to use all my ability to build a Sion-foreign culture exchange bridge and let more people around the world appreciate the Chinese culture.

My dream came true after I came back to China. I established this company based on my goals.

We are a company which had engaged in the Sion-foreign culture exchange since 2008. Our company started to do cross-culture communication when the I found that only when Chinese paintings and calligraphy come out of China and been appreciated by citizens all over the world, can they appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture.

Chinese paintings and Calligraphy has their own styles and peculiarities. Jinyuanhui Art offers huge selections of paintings, calligraphy and customization service to meet everyone's needs, including Chinese flowers paintings, Chinese lady paintings, Chinese calligraphy, and so on. We have our own famous Chinese artists team to provide you the most satisfied shopping experience and culture enjoyment.

Since 2010 we've provided online shopping and customer service on https://jyh-chineseculture.com. Our products were always been selected as the birthday presents, wedding gifts, anniversary surprise and home decorations by customers from other counties.