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Chinese painting-Plants. Gourd and persimmon. Happiness and rich. Bedroom decoration

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In Painting 1 and Painting 2, the persimmon is an emblem of joy owing to its bright and festive color. In Chinese, "persimmon (柿)" and "affair (事)" are homophonic characters, so persimmon can symbolize that everything goes well as your wishes (事事如意). Bird is also an emblem of happiness, and a couple of birds implies that good things come in pairs as the old Chinese saying goes (好事成双).

Painting 3 is named "Fu Lu Man Tang", which literally means the hall is full of happiness and wealth. In Chinese culture, "gourd (hú lu)" is a symbol of "happiness and wealth" (fú lù), considering that the two words sound similar.

In Painting 4, the pumpkin symbolizes harvest and felicity, considering that it has vines of tensile strength and plenty of seeds. Since pumpkin is called "nán guā (南瓜)" in Chinese, it can also represent the phrase "shòu bǐ nán shān (寿比南山)", which is a famous birthday blessing that literally means "may you live a long life like the permanent Mount Nan". Besides, "chicken (jī 鸡)" and "auspicious (jí 吉)" sounds similar, and the cock embodies masculinity and vitality.

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