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Chinese painting——Pine tree and red-crowned crane, Live Long and Prosper. best gift for parents, grandparents and senior citizens,

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This painting is named "Song He Yan Nian" (松鹤延年), which means "the pine and the crane lengthen the life" literally. It conveys good wishes of longevity to old people, thus can be a good gift for your elders.

In Chinese traditional culture, crane is an auspicious bird that symbolizes longevity and rectitude. It is top-ranking among birds with a divine poise, next only to the legendary phoenix, so a crane decoration was used to show high status in ancient times. Besides, pine trees are evergreen all the year round, thus imply an unyielding pride, a positive mindset and longevity. In this painting, the pine is accompanied by nine cranes. The number "nine" implies "permanence", considering that they are homophonic characters in Chinese, thus can add an auspicious meaning of a longer health span.

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