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Chinese painting-bamboo and birds. Study decoration, lobby decoration

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Bamboo, which bends without breaking, has long been a symbol of integrity and strength, and been compared to gentleman for its qualities. For its height and joints, people use bamboo paintings to express good wishes of being promoted to a higher position or rank successively (节节高升). Bamboo, together with pine and plum, is known as Suihan Sanyou (岁寒三友) in Chinese culture, which means the "Three Friends of Winter" literally. These three plants can withstand the harshest of winters, and even blossom or stay evergreen, thus symbolize vitality, purity, resilience, and the ability to overcome adversity.

Here is a series of Chinese bamboo brush paintings. The leaves and poles are rendered with fluid brushwork and calligraphy strokes, and are enriched by gradations and chiaroscuro. In addition, a couple of sparrows brings a sense of happiness and an increases of vitality.

You can zoom in to see more details of the texture. Welcome to contact us for any questions.

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