Chinese Calligraphy is a Unique Traditional Culture of the Chinese Nation

Chinese Calligraphy is a Unique Traditional Culture of the Chinese Nation

   Calligraphy is a very high art category in Chinese culture recognized by the world. Mr. Shen Yinmo, a modern calligrapher, once said: "It (Chinese calligraphy) is colorless but has the splendor of pictures, which is silent but has the melody of music, which attracts people to appreciate and delights the mind.

  Only by knowing Chinese calligraphy can one understand Chinese art and culture, so Mr. Jiang Zan, a Chinese-American scholar, said: "We Calligraphy itself is considered to be the first of all arts, and it is impossible to truly understand Chinese aesthetics without an appreciation of calligraphy.

   Calligraphy, the art of writing Chinese characters with a brush, is one of the traditional Chinese arts. What is a bookmaker? Originally refers to the skill of writing notes, Xu Shen of the Eastern Han Dynasty "Shuowen Jieyu Preface": "The book written on bamboo and silk."

   Also; it is said that it is written, and the simple paper written on it will never be destroyed. "What is a legal person? It includes three elements:

   Brushwork, you must hold the pen correctly, and master scientific fingering, wrist, body, brushwork, ink, etc.; It shows natural taste, humanistic cultivation and noble character. Brushwork and gestures belong to the category of calligraphy techniques, and brushwork is the artistic spirit of calligraphy. Calligraphy exists attached to words. Later, the style of calligraphy increased, the techniques became more refined, and the point-and-face structure of writing, the charm and spirit, all had to express the author's personality, thoughts, feelings, tastes, accomplishments and other spiritual factors, so it became an independent art. Calligraphers use the shape of Hanyu to express their feelings and cultivate their spirits, and they have strong national and advanced artistic tastes.

  Calligraphy is a unique traditional culture of the Chinese nation. It uses Chinese characters as the object of expression and the pen as the tool of creation.

  Unique line art. Chinese calligraphy can express the rich and complex thoughts and feelings of human beings in concise lines and shapes, and has extremely high aesthetic value. Appreciating a piece of Chinese calligraphy, like appreciating excellent paintings or sculptures, music, dramas, dances, etc., can remind people of a better life and obtain a variety of aesthetic enjoyment.

  Ouyang Xiu quoted Su Zimei as saying: "The windows are bright and clean, and the pens, inkstones, paper and ink are all extremely fine, and life is a joy." Yes,Calligraphy can bring us great spiritual enjoyment, open up our wisdom and sublimate our sentiment. A writing brush breaks the void and writes ever-changing lines on paper, which can show the beauty of everything. Tang Taizong once talked about his experience of appreciating Wang Yizhi's calligraphy: "I don't feel tired when I play with it, but I don't know what it is when I read it." It means that when you appreciate Wang Yizhi's calligraphy, you will never get tired of it. Good calligraphy works have permanent ornamental value.

   Calligraphy is not an art that stops at the technical level, it directly communicates with people's spiritual realm. Calligraphy is the expression of human spirit and the art of the philosophy of all things, it can also express the law of beauty contained in society and nature. Just as Westerners regard music as an important artistic accomplishment, Chinese people regard calligraphy as an important artistic accomplishment. Mr. Zong Baihua said that with the decline of music and education in China and the monotony of architecture, calligraphy has become the central art to express the spirit of various times. Calligraphy expresses beauty and contains all aesthetic characteristics. It is ubiquitous in Chinese life. Calligraphy is closely related to living art, landscape culture, educational culture, religious culture, political culture, coin culture, folk etiquette and customs, painting art, architectural art, dance art, craft art, etc. A good life is inseparable from the art of calligraphy. Learning calligraphy It is the need of many people who love Chinese culture and art.